Skits and Resources

Skits by Retreat in a Bag

Skits can be an entertaining way to reinforce your event theme while illustrating applicational truths in a humorous manner. We will be making skits available for download, as well as resources such as graphics and quiet time studies which can be used to complement your event theme.

Advice and Inspiration

Ideas and Resources by Retreat in a Bag

Create a meaningful and memorable event on a budget. Explore our site, particularly the blog, for advice and ideas. From pre-event planning, to decorations, to the remembrances for your ladies to take home – you will find information to help you with your women’s event.

Downloadable Forms

Downloadable Forms by Retreat in a Bag

Numerous forms can be useful for your event planning, ranging from planning calendars and timelines, to event information sheets and flyers for publicity, to registration forms and others. Use our downloadable forms as a template for creating forms uniquely adapted for your event.


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