Free Resources for Women's Ministries

Welcome to the RetreatinaBag FREE resources page!

Our desire is to provide for you as many valuable resources as possible as you lead your church women’s ministry. We know from experience just how difficult it is to plan a good women’s retreat or study time with a small staff or an even smaller budget.

These free resources from RetreatinaBag should be exactly what you need to at least get started. If you’re looking for more comprehensive and creative ministry solutions, please take a look at the RetreatinaBag Premium Resources.


Downloadable Skits

View Downloadable Retreat Skits

We have written skits for retreats, holiday events and even our summer Bible studies that are available for free download on this site. We encourage you to take a look!

Downloadable Graphics

View Downloadable Graphics

We are making graphics available that are original artwork that we have used for various events.  Permission has been granted by the artist for use by Retreat-in-a-Bag.

Downloadable Studies

View Downloadable Studies

We have written a quiet time study for each of our retreats.  It is our belief that in the midst of all the activities of a retreat, it is important for women to take time to spend in quiet time with the Lord.

Downloadable Forms

View Downloadable Forms

As you create forms for use in your women’s ministry, it is not necessary to “reinvent the wheel.”  Take a moment to download these customizable forms for your own ministry.


Recommended Reading from Retreat in a Bag

This is a list of books that we recommend for women.  We always have book reviews at our church women’s retreats, hoping to encourage women to fill their minds with the Word of God with books which point them to God.