While they are scarce, there are websites which can provide valuable information for those in women’s ministry leadership and those planning women’s events.  This is a page in progress, and we will be adding links as we find them.

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Women’s Ministry

* Cyndee Ownbey created the Women’s Ministry Toolbox website to provide resources and support for those ministering to women.  This is my go-to resource.  If I’m looking for an idea, a resource or some inspiration, I go to Women’s Ministry Toolbox first!  When I read her blogs, I find that she expresses what she has learned in a way that inspires me.  If you need something, she probably has it or can direct you to it, or she has blogged about it.  She covers a wide range of women’s ministry topics–from prayer and Bible study, to leadership, women’s events and missions. You NEED to check out this comprehensive women’s ministry website:

*Julia Julia Bettencourt’s recently re-launched website is huge–you can spend hours surfing on her site, and following her links!  If nothing else, it provides much inspiration. Most of her website is available for you to explore, although some of her forums require a membership.  She has everything from devotionals, paper and craft projects, entertaining ideas, women’s ministry ice breakers, candy projects, recipes,and instant download theme sets for purchase.  Going to her website is like wandering a mall of women’s ministry ideas.  Check it out at:

* “There is a unique calling and beauty in small church ministry.” The Small Church Ministry website addresses the needs of small churches, and addresses all areas of ministry. This website gives inspiration and creative solutions for small church struggles. They provide resources that work with small budgets and small numbers. They provide opportunities for training through their website, blog, podcasts and online conferences. Follow them on Facebook and check out their website at:

* The Group website is familiar to anyone who works with youth, but they actually have resources for adult ministries also.  Check out their resources for women, including leadership training materials, retreat resources and ideas for crafts and events at:

Women’s Leadership

* The Christianity Today website has a blog and articles directed to women.  They cover a broad spectrum of topics and speak to what we might consider a broad diversity of Christians, but some of the articles and blogs in their section for women are worth reading. Check it out at:

* Jill Briscoe has a heart for women’s ministry and women’s ministry leaders as well as pastor’s wives. She addresses women’s issues, but has a special section just for ministry leaders. Check out her website at: 

* is a website for Christian women.  There are many resources available by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Susan Hunt, and many of these specifically target women in ministry.  Check out:

Women’s Event Themes

Julia Bettencourt’s website give a broad range of themes with related decor ideas:

This is another website that requires a membership in order to view their resources.  But you can find ideas for themes there, and then determine if what they offer is worth the membership fee:


This is a resource of Christian skits and sketches which are free for your use.  I think it is a little hard to find exactly what you are looking for, if you are searching for a skit with a particular theme, but it could be valuable nonetheless:

Julia Bettencourt’s website has skits which are linked to themes, which is nice.  She uses a lot of skits from the free website above.

This source for Christian skits offers the first few lines of a skit for your preview, and then you must purchase it to in order to obtain the entire skit.  Because the website is based in England, payment must be made through Paypal.  At least you don’t have to pay shipping!

You may be familiar with the Skit Guys.  You can view a lot of their skits on YouTube or on their website.  You can buy scripts for download, or you can get videos of the skits to download and watch.  You can also purchase DVDs of their skits.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes resource website has skits that are free to use (see their copyright info).  The “scripts” leave a lot of room for you to improvise or write your own word-for-word scripts.  There are other resources available at the website, which are written with the college student in mind and may need to be adapted for your women’s ministry.


This page on Don Whitney’s “Biblical Spirituality” website has a section for “Ten Questions.”  These can be used for icebreakers or discussion starters that bring the conversation to a deeper level.

Book speakers

Proverbs 31 Ministry’s website has devotions, blogs and much of interest to any women’s ministry leader.  However, they do have a list of speakers that they represent.  Do your own research at

The Grable Group is a booking agency for Christian speakers and entertainers.  We have never used them, but are familiar with many of those they represent.