Finding the Right Skit

The best way to find a skit to fit your event is to read the full synopsis of each skit on the “Downloadable Skits” page.  However, some suggestions are made below (Skits for Special Events) that may be helpful, and below that I have put a Summary of Skits which give you skit information in one place. Feel free to contact us for help at [email protected].


Women’s Tea – We have a one-act skit that would be perfect for a women’s tea or special dinner.  The characters in “The Everlasting Teapot Show” are teacups!  Seven teacups vie for the title “Miss Overflowing Teacup,” the winner being filled with “Living Water.”  The one-act skit “Singing in the Rain” is also perfect for a women’s event, encouraging joy in the midst of trials.

Christmas – We have a one-act skit with a Christmas theme called “Tidings of Stress and Fear;” without Jesus, our world is full of stress and fear.  The skit “In Need of Light” compares walking in darkness to walking in light, which could work with a Christmas theme about Jesus coming as the True Light into a world of darkness (John 1).  The skit series “Good and Perfect Gifts” has four individual skits about gifts that God has given us (salvation, forgiveness, suffering and trials, spiritual gifts) which would also be appropriate at Christmas.

Women’s event that is ocean related – So many themed lend themselves to decorating with an ocean or beach theme.  Our one-act skit “Fining Your Way” is a short dialogue between a lighthouse and an ocean buoy concerning a sailor that lost his way.

Women’s event that is shoe related – Because the Bible refers to our life in Christ as a Christian “walk,” it can be fun to decorate with a shoe theme. Our skit series “If the Shoe Fits” introduced shoes for walking and running and standing firm.

Women’s event theme related to our journey in life: “Living Water Rafting Co.”, “Life in the Spirit Marathon”, and “Mail Order Bride” all depict our journey in life.

“Anytime” skits:  Several of these skits would be appropriate for any event, in our opinion.  “Heart Transplant” and “Good Intentions” (from the “Confronting Your Giants” series) are two of these.

SUMMARY OF SKITS (by title):

Most of our skits just fall under the general subject of “things we face in our Christian life” whether it is temptations, trials, having faith in the midst of uncertainty, or developing Christlike character.  Often our characters are on some kind of journey, where they meet challenges along the way.

“Living Water Rafting Co.” (serial skit, three acts)

Summary:  We need the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and each other as we face the challenges of the River of life.
Verse:  John 7:38  “…out of his heart will flow rivers of Living Water…”

  • Christian Life
  • Holy Spirit
  • The Word of God
  • Fellowship

“Good and Perfect Gifts” (skit series – four skits)

Summary:  Each of the four related skits is a different scenario of giving or receiving gifts.
Verse:  James 1:17  “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…”

  • “A Gift We Can’t Buy” – salvation
  • “A Gift They Don’t Deserve” – forgiveness
  • “That’s Not the Gift I Wanted” – suffering and trials
  • “A Gift to Use” – using your spiritual gifts

“Mail Order Bride–Journey to True Love” (serial skit, three acts)

Summary:  A mail-order bride is on a journey to meet her beloved and faces temptations and trials along the way
Verse: Psalms 84:5  “…Blessed is the man…whose heart is set on pilgrimage…”

Journey of the Christian life:

  • Waiting to meet our “true love;” putting our faith in one we cannot see
  • Temptation and trials
  • Perseverance
  • God’s promises

“Remember Me” (skit series – three skits)

Summary:  Rhonda Reminder reminds Felicity Forgetful of the truth when she is deceived by the lies of the world.
Verse:  Isaiah 26:8b  “…the desire of our soul is for Your Name and for the remembrance of You.”

  • “Remember I Am Your First Love” – Jesus satisfies
  • “Remember, I Give Your Life Meaning” – the world does not satisfy
  • “Remember, I Hold Your Future” – peace, fear, God’s promises

“The Puzzling Game of Life” (serial skit, four acts)

Summary:  Suzy Christian must play TV game shows (Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Let’s Make a Deal, The Price is Right) as she learns and grows in the Game of Life.
Verse:  Romans 8:28  “…All things work together for the good…”

  • Journey of the Christian life
  • Purpose of trials, learning from our trials
  • Developing Christ-like character
  • Faith in God’s plan

 “The ‘Miss Overflowing Teacup’ Pageant” (one-act skit)

Summary:  Seven teacups vie for the title of “Miss Overflowing Teacup.” The winner, chosen on the basis of her contents, will be filled with Living Water.
Verse:  John 7:38  “…out of his heart will flow rivers of Living Water…”

  • Filled with Holy Spirit
  • Living Water
  • Worldly life vs. life in the Spirit
  • God looks upon the heart

“Trees Planted by the Water” (serial skit, four-act)

Summary:  Saplings are transplanted along the river, near a mature fruitful tree who dispenses her wise advice to the young trees as they face storms and trials.
Verse:  Psalm 1:3, Jeremiah 17:8    “…like a tree planted by rivers of water…”

  • Abiding in Christ
  • Deceitfulness of sin
  • Contentment
  • Growth and maturity
  • Persevering through storms and trials
  • Fruitfulness and pruning
  • Fellowship

 “Miss Bold and Beautiful 2012” (two-act skit)

Summary:  We meet four finalists vie for the title “Miss Bold and Beautiful;”  winner is chosen based on the source of her strength.
Verse:  Nehemiah 4:17  “…with one had they worked at constructions, and with the other held  a weapon…”

  • Joy and strength
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Worldly life vs. life in the Spirit

“Traffic Court” (skit series – five skits)

Summary:  A character is explaining to the judge why she received a traffic ticket for disobeying a traffic sign.

  • “No Parking” – perseverance
  • “No Right on Red” – obedience
  • “No U-Turn” – don’t return to a life of sin, backsliding
  • “Yield” – submitting to God’s will
  • “Merge” – need for fellowship

 “Bubba and Junior on the Road to Eternal Life” (skit series – five skits)

Summary:  Two characters are driving on the Road to Eternal Life and encounter various traffic signs from which they learn lessons.

  • U-Turn Allowed” – repentance, salvation (skit only available by subscribing to website)
  • “Detour Ahead” – purpose of trials and detours in life
  • “Y-Intersection” – making wise choices
  • “Shoulder Drop-Off” – compromise
  • “Rest Area” – importance of a quiet time

“Confronting Your Giants” (skit series of seven skits)

Summary:  In each skit, a character is experiencing a limitation caused by a giant in her life; a friend reminds her of the truth which free her.

  • “Confronting the Giant of Discouragement” (casting your cares on Jesus)
  • “Confronting the Giant of Fear” (trusting God, fear, lies, God’s promises)
  • “Confronting the Giant of Bitterness” (don’t keep a record of wrongs; forgiveness)
  • “Confronting the Giant of Guilt” (no condemnation, forgetting the past)
  • “Confronting the Giant of Neglecting the Word and Prayer” (good intentions)
  • “Confronting the Giants of Worldliness and Debt”
  • “Confronting the Giants of Busyness and Laziness”

 “In Need of Light” (one-act skit)

Summary:  Della Dimly is experiencing symptoms, and goes from doctor to doctor to get a diagnosis of her problem.
Verse:  I John 1:6-8  “…if we walk in the lights as He is in the light…”

  • Walking in darkness vs. walking in the Light

 “Makeover” (serial skit, three acts)

Summary:  Needy Deedee is trying to improve herself.
Verse:  Eccl. 3:11a  “He has made everything beautiful in His time.”

  • Salvation
  • Looking for love in all the wrong places
  • World does not satisfy
  • Only God can satisfy

“Singing in the Rain” (one-act skit)

Summary: Valerie is not happy about the “rain” falling (trials) in her life, and doesn’t understand why Millie can continue to sing.
Verse: James 1:2 “Count it all joy when you fall into various trials.”

“Life in the Spirit Marathon” (three-act serial skit)

Summary: Runners in a marathon find “secret places” of prayer along the way where they can stop for restoration and refreshment.
Theme:  Our need for prayer

  • Running the race
  • Need for prayer =  for strength, rest, healing, refreshing, drawing near to God

“A Fruitful Garden” (skit series of four skits)

Summary: Two gardeners phone in with questions for a gardening expert on a radio call-in show.
Verses:  Luke 8:4-15 (parable of sower); John 15:1-8 (abiding and fruitfulness)

  • “The Gardener and the Soil”
  • “The Seed and Cultivation”
  • “Growth Essentials and Abiding”
  • “Pruning and Harvest”

“If the Shoe Fits” (skit series of four skits)

Summary: Lily faces various situations where special shoes are needed.  She goes to the shoe store, but gets distracted by less appropriate shoes.

  • “Walking Shoes”
  • “Walking by Faith Shoes”
  • “Promise Boots”
  • “Running Shoes”

“Heart Transplant” (a two-act skit)

Summary:  Roxy Rhinestone finds herself having heart problems, and relates her symptoms to a cardiologist.  The prognosis is death, unless she has a heart transplant.  Fortunately, the cost of the heart transplant has been paid for by the Donor.
Verse: Ezek. 11:19 “And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh”

  • Works don’t save us
  • Salvation by grace alone
  • Becoming a new creation