Making Assignments

We are in the planning stages of our 2017 retreat.  Most of the major decisions are made.  The location has been reserved, and we are working out final details with the guest speaker and worship leader.  Those are the “biggies,” and the culmination of much prayer and seeking the Lord.  Up to this point, our women’s ministry team has been praying, but those decisions were mostly made by the retreat coordinator and leader.  We will now involve the remainder of our women’s ministry team as we put the plan into motion, and we need everyone to pitch in.  The best way we have found to coordinate that is to make “assignments.”  We have nine women on the team, and the majority have been on the team and have worked together on the last ten retreats.  So, being aware of their gifts and strengths, we do our best to make assignments to best utilize those gifts. For instance, we try to take advantage of those women who have a talent in decorating, or a gift of administration, a gift of hospitality, even good computer skills.  These are some of the areas that we assign:

  • Theme, Schedule, Workshops
  • Promotion (flyers, mailings, projection slides, online, website, etc.)
  • Registration (including rooming list)
  • Graphic, booklet and nametags
  • Writing quiet time study and skit
  • Schedule and workshops
  • Remembrance gift
  • Decorations
  • Sound, projections and recording
  • Venue and catering communiction
  • Greeters
  • Book table (including ordering books, finding reviewers)
  • Communion (supplies and servantsz0
  • Hospitality table at the retreat
  • Greeters at the retreat/Guest speaker care
  • Person to be in charge of prayer (before and during retreat)

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