Women's Ministry Resources

Womens Ministry Resources

We know from experience just how difficult it can be to find quality resources to use for your women’s ministry. It can be time consuming or expensive…or both!

Over the many years that we have organized women’s retreats on a relatively small budget, we’ve been forced to creatively use the talents that God has given our women. This has resulted in a number of great resources that we want to make available to you.

You’ll notice that some of these resources are free while others are premium resources. Feel free to download and modify the free resources, and in return we just ask that you share them with anybody else who you know might need them. The premium resources are offered at a price, but we have purposely kept them affordable.

Either way, we hope that these women’s ministry resources can bless you, your church leadership and all the women that you minister to or with!


Free Resources

If you are looking for free women’s ministry resources, this is going to be the best place to start. It is here where we store all of our downloadable forms, downloadable graphics, downloadable quiet time studies and even our recommended reading list for ladies. Each of these resources is royalty-free (meaning you don’t have to pay to use it) and can be modified to fit your specific needs or even add your church’s logo!

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Premium Resources

If you are looking for in-depth, quality women’s ministry resources that can provide direction and the necessary resources to help you plan your women’s retreat from start to finish, this is the best place to start. First, we offer the “Retreat-in-a-Bag Books” (a series of three books on three different retreat themes) which provide help in planning a retreat from start to finish, as well as providing a retreat graphic, teaching ideas, quiet time studies, skits and giveaway idea, all related to the theme. These books can either be purchased in hard copy or downloaded. Secondly, we offer downloadable “Retreat Guides” which simply offer resources (graphic, study, skits, etc) related to the individual theme.

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