There are many other resources available at This month, we have been describing the Bible study resources that are now available. We also have free and premium retreat/event resources on the website.

The premium resources include:

  • Three books available which provide building blocks for a theme-based retreat. Each book supplies retreat planning information, as well as specific ideas for the retreat theme, including resources such as graphic(s), quiet-time study, skit(s) etc. These are: Discipleship (Putting Off Your Wolf-Like Tendencies) (theme verse Ephesians 4:22-24); Steadfast and Immovable (theme verse I Corinthians 15:58); and We are the Fragrance of Christ (theme verse II Corinthians 2:15).
  • Downloadable “Retreat Guides”, which only give specific ideas and resources for the specific retreat theme (without the retreat planning information). These are: His Wonders in the Deep (from Psalm 107:23-24) and Hidden Riches (from Isaiah 45:3).

Free resources include longer “serial skits” we have used at retreats where we have time for more than a one-act skit. We have shorter skits that have been used for various events. There are free downloadable graphics as well as short quiet time Bible studies which we also use at retreats. Some of these may be applicable if you just want to do a once a month Bible study for your ladies. Blogs written over the years address topics which include retreat planning, developing leadership location, lessons learned, skits, and inspiration.

Check out the website and take time to explore our resources!

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