About Our Skits

Our goal is to make skits available to you – either as free downloads or for purchase.  All skits downloaded from RetreatinaBag.net are for your non-commercial use.  Limited permission is granted for reproduction of all skit scripts. We want them to be used!

Why should you use skits?  A skit has more than just entertainment value.  While they can be fun, our skits are written to “pack a punch” and reinforce the spiritual theme in a visual context.  Scripture is incorporated into the dialogue and narration as much as possible.  We have four different categories of skits, which are described below.

One-Act Skits

A one-act skit is a skit that normally lasts from 10-20 minutes and stands alone. Because it is short, it can be used not only at retreats, but at shorter events such as a women’s brunch, lunch or dinner or a women’s holiday event. (Note:  Series skits are also one-act skits which have common characters.)

Two-Act Skits

A two-act skit may last from 10-30 minutes.  It can be used in a variety formats and at one- or two-day events.

Skit Series

A skit series is a group of related stand-alone skits. A skit series usually has a common thread that runs through all of them–a common setting, plot line, or a common character or characters. Each skit can stand alone and can be used at a one-time event. However, the series can be used space out within a retreat or longer event, or the individual skits in the series can be used at each of a recurring series of events such as a summer study (where one skit would be used each week, tying the studies together).

Serial Skits

A serial skit is a two-, three-, or four-act skit which has a continuous story line with recurring characters. These characters learn lessons and grow as the skit progresses. Two of the books in the Retreat-in-a-Bag book series contain serial skits.