Announcing New Skits!

I’m excited to announce the addition of new, free downloadable skits to the website! We have added (1) one-act skit, (2) serial skits and (2) skit series. These are some of my new favorites, and there are more to come. Have you considered using skits? Try something new! You can do a skit! Check out other blogs on the topic on our website.

“Out with the Old” is a one-act skit about sanctification–putting off the old and putting on the new. Kelly has moved to a new city and a new job. As she unpacks, she realizes that there are things that she needs to get rid of that are no longer of any benefit to her.

“Your Day in Court” is skit series of four short skits examining salvation from a legal setting. Who is our righteous Judge? Who is our accuser (the prosecutor)? What are the charges and evidence against us? Do we deserve the death penalty? How did Jesus secure our pardon and grant us freedom?

“StormProofers, Unlimited” is a skit series consisting of three short skits. Severe weather is predicted, and heavy damage could result. Stormproofers, Unlimited to the rescue! They have the advice and products to help Kelly to have a godly perspective in the midst of the storm, and to avoid permanent damage from the storm.

“The Quest” is a three-act serial skit used at our retreat entitled “Surefooted.” In this skit, three women vie for the title of “Miss Sportz World” by completing a quest. Each woman follows a path set out for her where she will encounter challenges and trials, as well as an enemy. Will they finish strong? Who will win?

“Trusting 101” is a four-act serial skit used at our retreat entitled “In All Your Ways.” In this skit, Sybil attends a continuing education class “Trusting 101.” She is presented with three case studies, and as she considers each one, her Mind, her Will, her Emotions and her Spirit all weigh in as she learns about trusting God in all situations.

Check out these new skits–I pray you can use them!

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