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The beginning of the year is a good time to do some “out-of-the-box” thinking with your leadership team.  Try something new!  Do your women’s ministry events for 2015 include a lot of the usual, the familiar, the traditional and the tried and tested?  I think most of us would say a resounding “yes!” to that question, even though we are always on the lookout for new and exciting things to try and incorporate into our women’s ministry.

Maybe Retreat-in-a-Bag can help you try something new.  Have you ever used a skit? Start small and try one of our one-act skits or pull a short skit from a skit series and see how your ladies respond.  A good one to start the year out might be “Good Intentions” from our Confronting Your Giants skit series.

We also have a section for Quiet Time Studies that we have used at retreats.  But some of our most recent ones have been “interactive”meaning that they can be done in a group and requires some sort of interaction.  Check out “Strongholds of Unsurrender”.

Perhaps you have never had a retreat for your women.  You can start out small.  Take some of our retreat ideas and make them your own–or look into one of our Retreat-in-aBag books where the planning is done for you.  Or maybe you have never used promise verses at an event or retreat.

And if Retreat-in-a-Bag doesn’t have what you need, check our our links.  There are some great women’s ministry sites out there!




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