Confronting Giants Skit Series

Confronting the Giant of Discouragement

“Confronting the Giant of Discouragement” – Weary Winona learns to cast her cares on Him.  Download skit here.

Confronting the Giant of Fear

“Confronting the Giant of Fear” – Fearful Fanny learns that God can be trusted with her life and that God has not given her a spirit of fear.  Download skit here

Confronting the Giant of Bitterness

“Confronting the Giant of Bitterness” – Bitter Brenda learns to forgive rather than keep a record of wrongs. Download skit here.

Confronting the Giant of Guilt

“Confronting the Giant of Guilt” – Guilty Greta discovers that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.  Download skit here.

Good Intentions

“Good Intentions” – Neglectful Nelly fully intends to have her quiet time, but she has to keep putting it off.   Download skit here.

Worldliness Leading to Debt

“Worldliness Leading to Debt” – Worldly Wendy discovers that enslavement to debt is a consequence of worldliness.  Download skit here.

Busyness and Laziness

“Busyness and Laziness” – Busy Brenda is very busy, but finds excuses to be lazy.  But there is no time for what is most important.  Download skit here.