Promise Verses – Revisited

Just about every women’s retreat I have attended, no matter where, uses the idea of giving each woman attending their own promise verse.  The time and manner of distribution varies from place to place and year to year, but our women now expect and look forward to receiving their own individual promise verse each year.  The Lord often uses this promise verse to speak personally to our ladies.

Where do you find these promises?  Each of our books in the Retreat-in-a-Bag series has a comprehensive list of promise scriptures that we have used from year to year.  But you can easily compile your own list as you go through the Bible.  You can select from books which are devoted to Bible promises, and even find lists of promises on the internet.  We then ask God in His sovereignty to make sure each woman gets His intended promise.  We don’t try to determine through our own human wisdom who needs what promise; instead, we trust God to work through our random distribution of the promise verses.

Most often, we put the promise verse on their retreat nametag, but we have also been known to affix the promise verse to the retreat booklets, which may seem more random, as the ladies can pick up any retreat booklet when they arrive.  While your group is small, everyone can have a unique promise, so no one has the same promise as another; as your group grows, this is not possible.

Two notes of warning:
  • Many promises read better in one translation than in another; be sure you are using the translation used by most of your women.
  • Check and double check your promise verse references; the smallest error in the scripture reference could direct one of your ladies to verse of judgment, reproof or warning, instead of a promise, which could be upsetting, to say the least!



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