Downloadable Quiet Time Bible Studies

During your retreat, women stay busy with the sessions, meals and times of fellowship with one another.  But time should be made on your schedule for a designated time where all are required to be quiet and spend time with the Lord.  Because some women have never spent a quiet hour entirely focused on the Lord, we provide a “quiet time study” which directs their quiet time.


Signposts Along the Path

Used with our “Stepping Heavenward” retreat (see graphic available), this quiet time study looks at warnings God has put on our “path” to keep us safe on our journey heavenward.

Good and Perfect Gifts-Instructions

Good and Perfect Gifts-Promises

Good and Perfect Gifts-Study

Used with our “Good and Perfect Gifts” retreat, this quiet time study reminds us that some of the gifts God gives may be in the form of trials.  We must take time to seek His purpose in our trials, and commit them to Him. Other gifts come in the form of promises from His Word which will give us strength and and hope.



Used with our “Surrender” retreat, the full title for this quiet time study is “Strongholds of Unsurrender.”  It helps women identify areas that they have not surrendered to the Lord, and then guides them to a point of surrendering those areas to God.


Heart Exam Quiet Time

Used with our “Hearts Entwined with His” retreat, the full title for this quiet time study is “Heart Exam with the Great Heart Surgeon.” This short quiet time study will take us through scriptures in order to expose problem areas in our heart that need special attention from our loving Heart Surgeon.

Ponder Your Path Quiet Time

We used this quiet time with a retreat entitled “Significant Journey;” however, it would be appropriate for any “journey” theme. This short quiet time study encourages women to take time to ponder the unique path God has for them and God’s instructions that will make that journey easier.

Pleasing the Master

We used this quiet time study with our retreat theme “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.” (A graphic for this retreat theme can be found in our free downloadable graphics). If God’s purpose in creating us was for His pleasure,the study of our lives should be to find out what pleases God, and do it.

In Your Secret Place

We used this quiet time study with our retreat theme “The Secret Place.” The theme centered on prayer, and this quiet time consists of a Bible study on prayer and then a guide time of personal prayer.