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One of our favorite retreats was entitled “DISCIPLESHEEP – Putting Off Your Wolf-Like Tendencies.”  The “Mr. Wolf” skits are some of our most memorable.  That is one of the reasons we originally chose that retreat theme to put into book form.

We have now updated the artwork that is included in this book. I think this artwork better illustrates the theme that we are wolves in the process of becoming sheep.  That’s what discipleship is–the process of sanctification as we transform into the image of Christ.  At salvation, we are transformed to “sheep” on the inside, but we begin the process of putting off the old man–our wolf-like tendencies–as we are renewed and transformed into the image of Christ. God is patiently working on us and transforming our character, our speech, our habits and responses.  We are putting off that old man and putting on the new man.

Read more about what this book includes here.

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Skits…Can You Spare the Time?

Your retreat or event has a tight schedule.  You have greeting, announcements, worship, teaching sessions and bathroom breaks to fit into the time between meals.  Possibly you are hoping to add free time or workshops or even an ice-breaker to the mix.  Why would you want to tighten your schedule further to make room for skits?

Well, if the skit you want to use is purely for fun and entertainment, I would answer that perhaps you don’t have the time.  But the skits we promote at Retreat-in-a-Bag are written to illustrate Biblical truths.  For that, there is time.  Your women have different learning styles, and often the visual representation can enhance what is being heard.

As an added bonus, they have entertainment value that break up the long periods of concentration.

At your next event, why don’t you try something new?  Use one of our free, downloadable, one-act skits such as “Good Intentions” and see what your ladies think!

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The “We Know a Better Way” Folks

They are all around us–the “we know a better way” folks.  We all have those women who, from their vantage point, always know a “better way” to do the things we are doing.  Often, their ideas and suggestions are valid, and could be helpful in the right time. But it does seem that these women are never available in the planning stages–but are more than happy to step up and offer their opinion after the ball is already rolling.  You have a plan for decorations, and are busy implementing that plan…and along comes that person who knows a better way and has a better idea.

What is your response going to be?  I know it’s frustrating, and it’s tempting to see their input as criticism of what your are doing. We can’t give in to the response our flesh would like to give! Instead, be kind, be graceful, be loving.  A simple “we’re going to do it this way this time” should suffice, followed by an invitation to be a part of the process for the next event.



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Have You Visited the Website Recently?

Has it been awhile since you visited I thought so!  There are changes!  My wonderful and tech-savvy son made the time to help me out and make the site more user-friendly. Pages have been updated and resources should be easier to find.  In addition, I’ve been busy adding new content.

In “Free Resources” I have added a new graphic (“A Fruitful Garden”) and new skits, including “A Fruitful Garden” series, “Spring Cleaning” (one-act) and “Finding Your Way” (one-act). Free resources are available for you to download and use at any time.

In “Premium Resources” there have been some exciting updates and changes.  We have updated the cover of one of the Retreat-in-a-Bag books (“Disciplesheep”), added a graphic to the “Hidden Riches” Retreat Guide, and  added a brand new Retreat Guide entitled “Wonders in the Deep.”  What is the difference between the books and the guides?  The three Retreat-in-a-Bag books were originally intended to include as much information as possible about carrying out a retreat theme in one place (thus the name); they include all sorts of general information in addition to all of the theme-specific resources and creative suggestions. As the website has been up an running now for more than a couple years, much of the general information found in the books can be found on the website.  So the Retreat Guides have been shortened to include only theme-specific resources and creative suggestions.  I have to add that each of the books and guides represents some of our favorite retreat themes and skits!

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Why Not?

As retreat season ramps up into high gear, I have some thoughts for your planning committee:

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