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This post may be a little out of the scope of this website which focuses on ministry to women at retreats.  But as a women’s ministry leader, I have spent countless hours searching for and reviewing Bible studies appropriate for women.

During the school year, we want to do a more in-depth study of God’s Word.  We especially like going verse-by-verse through a book or passage of the Bible, although we do topical studies on occasion.  In case you are in charge of looking for studies, I am going to mention two resources for women’s studies that we use.  We have done almost all of the studies available on these two websites:  Calvary Dallas and Calvary Pasadena.  My friend at Women’s Ministry Toolbox also has some ideas.

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  1. Cyndee November 8, 2017

    Debby, thanks for linking arms with me! It’s always a privilege to be mentioned on your site. Thank you!

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