Working with Volunteers

In most situations in a church setting, you are working with volunteers.  In fact, you’re the leader–and you, also, are a volunteer. Leadership of a ministry is a calling too–it’s true! But there is still that volunteer aspect to it for most of us. As you work with volunteers, there is a similarity to a boss-employee relationship. Certainly there needs to be one who is in charge and others who submit to that leader; otherwise there can be chaos. Yet, because you work with volunteers, they could lack the commitment and loyalty…and even the motivation that would be there if you had paid help.

How do you deal with volunteers?  Lovingly. Kindly. With grace. With gratefulness.

Yes, we need to give guidance and direction, but not as a dictator. Not lording over. Maintaining control without being controlling.

How did Jesus do it?  He led in such away that men wanted to follow Him. He was a servant-leader.

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