Why Include a Skit at your Retreat?

SkitsWe are big fans of including a skit during every event we can, especially during retreats.  The best skits are funny and entertaining while at the same time being meaningful and applicational.  Skits can add a dimension to your retreat where learning is taking place–yet under the guise of entertainment.  Skits should highlight the essence of the retreat’s theme.  While skits provide a break from the serious, they can still be an integral part of the message that is being conveyed throughout the retreat.

Additionally, people learn differently.  All women do not learn best through the hearing of teachings (auditory).  Some women learn better by reading (visual learners).  And others learn better when they actively participate.  One of the things I learned as a learning disabilities teacher was that the best way to ensure learning was to combine the learning styles–a multisensory approach.  We use times of quiet reading, listening to the Word being taught and watching and participating in a skit to ensure that we are reaching as many of our ladies as possible.

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