Retreat Planning Calendar I

In addition to the Organizational Chart, we have a Retreat Planning Calendar.  This calendar is developed after the retreat date is set and the location booked.  Our calendar for this year’s retreat (in November) was handed out in May to all of the leaders of various areas of retreat planning. All retreat deadlines are noted on this calendar.  For our November 12-14 retreat, we have deadlines beginning in August, approximately four months prior to the retreat.    The calendar notes the date that registration will begin (and deadlines for all registration materials to be ready) and deadlines from the hotel for the final rooming list and BEO’s (Banquet Event Orders) to be turned in.  Even the dates when announcements for the retreat are to be made, either in the bulletin or in the pulpit, are noted, because these need to be scheduled and prepared ahead of time. Deadlines for anything to be added to the retreat booklet (handed out to all attendees at the retreat) and any retreat meetings, including retreat prayer meetings are noted.

A week prior to the retreat, EVERYTHING pertaining to the retreat is due.  All retreat supplies (booklets, name tags, skit props, decorations, book table books and supplies, remembrances, skit props–EVERYTHING–should be ready in one place and ready to be transported to the retreat. By forcing everything to be done before the last minute, we try to avoid panic attacks.

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