Question: How Do I Find the Skit I Need?

How do I find the skit I need?

Ahh!  That’s the challenge, isn’t it?!  This is part of the reason we started writing our own skits years ago–so that the skit would contribute to the overall theme of the retreat.  From that ensued the creation of the Retreat-in-a-Bag website where these resources could be shared. This led to the writing our Retreat-in-a-Bag book series and, subsequently, to the Retreat Guides, all of which give you direction in creating a themed retreat or event with supporting elements centered on the particular themes.

But is it truly necessary that you have a skit that follows your retreat theme?  No, I don’t think so.  What I have observed over the years is that women look forward to a break from intense concentration. A skit can provide a time of entertainment and laughter in the midst of more serious teaching, prayer, etc.  Simply put, inserting a skit in your schedule just provides a nice change of pace.

I know there are ministries that simply add a frivolous skit for entertainment value. And I can see that would be fun.  But…why not have a skit about the importance of a quiet time (a free downloadable one-act skit called “Good Intentions”)? It is meaningful, and applicable, even if it doesn’t specifically relate to your theme.  Take a look at some of our free, downloadable one-act skits, or some of the series skits (where each skit stands alone) if you just want to add a fun, yet meaningful, ingredient to your retreat or event schedule.


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  1. mary p blackmon March 4, 2019

    looking for a skit on “What Love Got to Do With It-Everything” has to be spirtual

  2. Debby March 11, 2019

    Hi, Mary,
    In answer to your question, I think the only free downloadable skit on this website that might work with that theme would be “Heart Transplant.” I hope you find what you are looking for if that one doesn’t work!


  3. Mary Sumpter March 11, 2019

    I am looking for skits, or a two act skit, for our Ladies Retreat. This year’s theme is “Blessed to be a Blessing”, so a skit about outreach, helping others, inviting people to church, etc. would be good. It is just a small group -= about 35 usually attend from our church and maybe some friends. We are mostly seniors, some more active than others.

  4. Debby March 14, 2019

    Hi, Mary. Thanks for visiting “Retreat-in-a-Bag.” I’m not sure we have the perfect skit for your theme, but I would recommend that you look at a couple of the skits in the “Good and Perfect Gifts” series and “The ‘Miss Overflowing Teacup” Pageant. Both have to do with using what you have been given for God’s glory. I think it is fun to use a skit; we often don’t know exactly what the speaker will be sharing, but God uses the skit to complement the teaching. I also recommend “Good Intentions” as one you can use anytime, as it encourages having a quiet time with the Lord, and every retreat can use that encouragement! Even with an older group, you will find women who are willing to help produce a skit. God bless you as you plan and prepare for your retreat!!

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