The Importance of Reflection

Time For Reflection Message Means Ponder Or ReflectReflection…forming our thoughts after consideration.  I think we’ve forgotten how to do it, or perhaps I should say that we just don’t take the time to really reflect on how God is working in our lives. For me, the days when I take time to write in my journal are the exception. Sometimes reflection just takes place while driving.

However, reflection can and should be a priority an any retreat. We don’t just encourage it–we schedule it!  We begin during the first session of the retreat by asking our women to consider this question “What Do I Want from the Lord this Weekend?”  We give them time to search their hearts and write down what they are wanting from the Lord.  Perhaps they want revival in their heart; perhaps restoration or healing or rededication or redirection.  We come back to that question at the end of the retreat; we take time review our answer to that original question, and then answer the question “From all that I have heard, learned, meditated upon and experienced during this retreat, what do I feel is the most important thing that the Lord had for me this weekend?”

In addition to those reflection questions at the beginning and end of our retreat, there are other ways to includes moments for reflection in your retreat schedule.  We always schedule a quiet time where we encourage no talking, no TV or other activity–just God, their Bible and a directed quiet time study.  Another opportunity for reflection is immediately after the main teachings–have your women stay an extra five minutes to reflect on what they just heard and write down how God spoke to their heart.

Time for reflection is never wasted time.


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  1. Cyndee March 25, 2015

    Debby, I’ll admit this is something we’ve never done intentionally. I love the idea of posing the question at the beginning and the end of the retreat. Must remember to schedule time for our women to write it down too! Thanks for the fabulous tip!

  2. Debby March 26, 2015

    Thanks, Cyndee. That question at the beginning of the retreat really helps me focus my expectations of the retreat on the Lord. There have been a few times that my need has been something very specific, but more often that not my desire for the retreat is just to hear from God. He’s always faithful, but it helps to put it down in black and white!

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