First Responders

“First Responder” was a term that really became part of our vernacular in the last 15 years or less.  The first rescue personnel to arrive at the scene of an emergency or disaster are commonly referred to as “first responders.”  But “first responder” is also a general term for all emergency service personnel who are expected to respond to medical emergencies or large-scale disasters and the skilled support personnel who provide immediate support during recovery operations.  These people are trained to move quickly to the scene of an accident or disaster.  Often, they are “on call” and must be ready at a moment’s notice.

I wonder if God would consider us one of His “first responders?”  Does He know that He can call on us at a moment’s notice, and we will be ready to obey?  Are we a tool that He can use should the need arise?  God promises to equip those He calls.  I Thess. 5:24 says “He who calls you is faithful, who will also do it.”  In other words, if the Lord calls you to do something, He will also equip us and give us the wisdom, strength and power to do it.

But there is the little issue of our willingness and availability.  Do we delay obedience by considering whether or not to obey? Let’s be known to God as one of His “first responders.”



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