“Consider” 2019

Consider this in 2019.

Yes, we’re halfway through January, and I’m just now wishing you a Happy New Year! And I would like to welcome everybody who is new to this women’s ministry website.

There is always a flurry of interest at the beginning of the year, reminding me that we are all looking for new ideas and inspiration for the new year. It is going to be a great year We are one year closer to the Lord’s return, and the harvest is great.

To kick off the new year, we looked at the word “consider” in the Bible. While there are several Hebrew/Greek words translated “consider,” they all give the idea of looking at something attentively, to ponder or study, to give serious thought with attention to details. What are we to consider?

  • Consider the Lord (Deuteronomy 4:39-40);
  • Consider the great things He has done for you (I Samuel 12:24);
  • Consider your ways (Haggai 1:5,7);
  • Consider one another (Hebrews 10:24-25

Don’t you think that sums up women’s ministry? We gather together to consider the Lord, to learn who He is, to discover His grace and glory, His character and love. Together we consider the great things He has done, His wonderful works and His faithfulness in the past. As we search His Word, we are to “consider our ways” — to examine our hearts and the path we walk. And finally, we are to consider one another to encourage one another to love and good works.

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