An Array of Bookmark Remembrances

In our “Retreat-in-a-Bag” book series, we suggest making a bookmark for your events, particularly your retreats.  These bookmarks include the event, guest speaker, date and location, as well as the theme, theme verse and artwork.  I know I’m not the only one of our ladies who has a collection of these bookmarks, each one bringing back retreat memories.  Some bookmarks represent retreats that were turning points and milestones in my walk with the Lord; others remind me of a special skit or quiet time study; others remind me of special people or places, a special teaching or afterglow.  Just about all remind me of elements of the retreat theme that applied to my life.

So many times in the Bible, God tells us to “remember” what God did.  God used a pile of stones in the Old Testament to be a reminder to His people; He used bread and wine in the New Testament.  He wants his people to remember the great things He has done!  “…Consider what great things He has done for you! (I Sam. 12:24)

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