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Organizational Chart

Early in the retreat planning process, we create an “organizational” chart.  Key retreat functions are assigned to the oversight of a leader.  For instance, we have a person who oversees decorations at the retreat, a person who oversees worship, a person who oversees registration.  For our upcoming retreat, these tasks are divided between the eight women on our women’s ministry team.  In past years when we were smaller, the tasks may have been divided between only two or three main leaders.  This division of responsibilities serves many purposes.  First, it takes the overwhelming burden off of one person.  It helps the leaders to stay on task, not wasting time on issues being covered by another leader.  Early on in the retreat planning process, I know what my responsibilities are and I can begin to determine what kind of helpers I will need to accomplish the tasks I have been assigned.  Also, if an issue or problem comes up, the women’s ministry leader (our pastor’s wife) knows who to go to for answers.  Some of the responsibilities divided between the women’s leaders are:  preliminary planning (speaker, theme, retreat site), registration, retreat planning meeting, booklet and name tags, worship, sound/recording, rooming list, greeters at retreat, skit, quiet time, book reviews/book table, prayer team, remembrance gift, transportation, retreat site contact, guest speaker contact and communion. We will be talking about the various needs of each of these areas in the coming weeks.

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Ministry in the Heart of our Home

Psalm 128:3 speaks of a wife as being a fruitful vine in the very heart of her house.  What a wonderful prayer goal for us–because our ministry begins in our home.  How wonderful if, at the very heart of our home–the part that is not on display to the world–the fruit of the Spirit would be flourishing.  Maybe a fruit bowl full of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control is the “much treasure” that Proverbs 15:6a says is found in the house of the righteous.

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Scheduling a Quiet Time

At every retreat, we schedule an hour of “quiet time” for our ladies.  We ask that the ladies make this a sacred and quiet time alone with the Lord–no other entertainment or fellowship allowed.  Often, we schedule it after lunch. In order to give them some direction, we give the ladies a Bible study that is related to the theme.  The Bible study is written with the understanding that perhaps there will be women who have never really done a Bible study on their own, as well as those who are experienced students of the Bible.  The point of this time is to guide the women in reading the Word and to ask questions that will cause them to reflect on how God is speaking to them.  It would be tragic if a woman attended a retreat and was so busy interacting with others that she spent no time seeking the Lord on her own.

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Journey to Retreat 2010-June update

As we make this posting, it is the beginning of June, 2010, and we are approximately 5-1/2 months from our 2010 women’s retreat in mid-November.  At this point, the following has been done in preparation for the retreat:

  • The hotel and meeting rooms have been secured for our date in November.  One of our leaders, who acts as our primary liason with the hotel, has met with the hotel to determine prices for the weekend and a contract has been signed.;
  • A speaker has been contacted and has accepted;
  • This year, the speaker is providing the theme and theme verse that will guide our retreat, as this is a retreat that she is doing in another place this year;
  • A preliminary announcement has been made to the church so that our women can put the date on their calendar;
  • A “save the date” notice has been sent to nearby Calvary Chapels who may want to join us;
  • A timeline (Retreat Planning Calendar) has been made and handed out to women’s ministry leaders with dates various things have to be done/turned in;
  • Leaders have all been assigned tasks that they will be in charge of at the retreat (we will discuss this more fully later);
  • We are praying weekly (if not more) for the retreat.

Over the next months, we will be keeping you updated as to where we are in this “journey”.

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