Telling Your Story – Some Reminders

Typewriter What is Your StoryRecently I shared about the impact that sharing our testimony can have on listeners.  I have been reminded of a few further things that may be worth considering should you have the opportunity to share your testimony.  Greg Laurie, in a recent email devotion, wrote “I don’t understand why God would use someone as foolish as me or you to articulate His message.  But the Holy Spirit can make that message resonate with the listener if we are simply bold enough to share it.”  He continued with the following reminders:  Make Jesus the focus of your testimony.  You tell your story to point to His story.  Don’t glorify or exaggerate your past.  There is power in your story, whether dramatic or not.

When you share your testimony, don’t emphasize the darkness. Don’t spend a disproportionate amount of time on your former life of rebellion and sin; Your emphasis should be on how God worked in your life, the changes He made and His amazing love and power that brought you out of darkness into “His marvelous light.”


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  1. Allison Pitko August 10, 2016

    Thanks for sharing Debby, it reminds us that we are ALL special to Him, not just the ones that can easily express and share. Us that have problems with words can also help others with our words and emotions.
    Thank you

  2. Debby August 19, 2016

    You’re absolutely right, Allison. Each of us has a story unique to us, and God can use it!

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