Skits…Can You Spare the Time?

Your retreat or event has a tight schedule.  You have greeting, announcements, worship, teaching sessions and bathroom breaks to fit into the time between meals.  Possibly you are hoping to add free time or workshops or even an ice-breaker to the mix.  Why would you want to tighten your schedule further to make room for skits?

Well, if the skit you want to use is purely for fun and entertainment, I would answer that perhaps you don’t have the time.  But the skits we promote at Retreat-in-a-Bag are written to illustrate Biblical truths.  For that, there is time.  Your women have different learning styles, and often the visual representation can enhance what is being heard.

As an added bonus, they have entertainment value that break up the long periods of concentration.

At your next event, why don’t you try something new?  Use one of our free, downloadable, one-act skits such as “Good Intentions” and see what your ladies think!

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