The Case for a Waiting List

Our Rule

With a very few exceptions, IF you have registered for the retreat and have to cancel after the registration deadline, you do not get your money back.

Unfortunate Truth

There will still be ladies who can’t attend because something comes up at the last minute.  Often, this type of cancellation happens the week of the retreat.  It is sad, because we are then left with an opening, fully paid for, which may go unfilled.

The Waiting List

Encourage women who are unable to afford the cost of the retreat or women who, for whatever reason, missed your registration deadline to be on the waiting list.  By keeping a waiting list, we have a list of women to call who may be able to come if someone cancels at the last minute, using that fully-paid-for registration.



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  1. Sonia June 24, 2017

    In situations where there is a cancellation we simply have the individual to find someone who wanted to go to the retreat and have her collect her funds from
    that individual and simply contact us with the replacement name. This way she doesn’t loose her funds.

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