Road Trip Skit Series

Bubba and Junior: U-Turn Allowed

U-Turn Allowed (skit) This skit about repentance is ONLY AVAILABLE as you subscribe to receive the Retreat-in-a-Bag weekly email update.  Upon receiving notice, a copy of skit will be sent by return email.

Bubba and Junior: Detour Ahead

“Detour” – Bubba and Junior learn that when God puts a detour in our journey, He has a purpose. Download “Detour Ahead” here 

Bubba and Junior: Y-Intersection

“Y-Intersection” – Bubba and Junior face a choice.  Download “Y-Intersection” here

Bubba and Junior: Shoulder Drop Off

“Shoulder Drop Off” – Bubba and Junior learn the dangers of compromise. Download “Shoulder Drop Off here 

Bubba and Junior: Rest Area

“Rest Area” – Bubba and Junior learn the importance of a quiet time. Download “Rest Area” here