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Question: How Do I Find the Skit I Need?

How do I find the skit I need?

Ahh!  That’s the challenge, isn’t it?!  This is part of the reason we started writing our own skits years ago–so that the skit would contribute to the overall theme of the retreat.  From that ensued the creation of the Retreat-in-a-Bag website where these resources could be shared. This led to the writing our Retreat-in-a-Bag book series and, subsequently, to the Retreat Guides, all of which give you direction in creating a themed retreat or event with supporting elements centered on the particular themes.

But is it truly necessary that you have a skit that follows your retreat theme?  No, I don’t think so.  What I have observed over the years is that women look forward to a break from intense concentration. A skit can provide a time of entertainment and laughter in the midst of more serious teaching, prayer, etc.  Simply put, inserting a skit in your schedule just provides a nice change of pace.

I know there are ministries that simply add a frivolous skit for entertainment value. And I can see that would be fun.  But…why not have a skit about the importance of a quiet time (a free downloadable one-act skit called “Good Intentions”)? It is meaningful, and applicable, even if it doesn’t specifically relate to your theme.  Take a look at some of our free, downloadable one-act skits, or some of the series skits (where each skit stands alone) if you just want to add a fun, yet meaningful, ingredient to your retreat or event schedule.


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Skits…Can You Spare the Time?

Your retreat or event has a tight schedule.  You have greeting, announcements, worship, teaching sessions and bathroom breaks to fit into the time between meals.  Possibly you are hoping to add free time or workshops or even an ice-breaker to the mix.  Why would you want to tighten your schedule further to make room for skits?

Well, if the skit you want to use is purely for fun and entertainment, I would answer that perhaps you don’t have the time.  But the skits we promote at Retreat-in-a-Bag are written to illustrate Biblical truths.  For that, there is time.  Your women have different learning styles, and often the visual representation can enhance what is being heard.

As an added bonus, they have entertainment value that break up the long periods of concentration.

At your next event, why don’t you try something new?  Use one of our free, downloadable, one-act skits such as “Good Intentions” and see what your ladies think!

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Why Not?

As retreat season ramps up into high gear, I have some thoughts for your planning committee:

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Re-Discovering “Broken Heart”

3d illustration of archive with red folder

You never know what you might find as you go through old files!  This week I did something I have been putting off for months–cleaned out my file cabinet.  I hate to admit it, but I may be a paper hoarder!

I have a file drawer of skits–consisting mostly of those we have written over the years.  But this week I ran into a script for a one-act play called “Broken Heart.”  I first encountered this play in Bible School, over 30 years ago. I have to say that to this day it is one of the most powerful plays I have ever seen. I immediately asked for a copy of the script, which had the author’s name, but no contact or copyright information.  Back in the early 90’s I searched for the author, but my only option was calling information and trying to find a phone number.  But when I saw the script last week in my file, I thought about searching using Facebook, and voila! I sent out a couple inquiries to those with similar names, and within 24 hours I had found the author.

Because I assume that many of you, my regular readers, found this website looking for retreat skits, I wanted to make this resource known to you.  “Broken Heart” is a serious drama, unlike most of the skits found on the www.retreatinabag website.  I have excerpted from the author’s website the following summary:

 Broken Heart is a story about a young girl (representing you and I) growing up with hurts by parents, friends, a boyfriend, and others that continue to tear away at her heart.  The play makes extensive use of unique props to visually communicate our efforts to protect ourselves  from the hurts of life in harmful ways such as through anger, bitterness, busyness,  and more.

A Satan figure fiendishly supplies the young girl with “toys”  to protect her heart. All the while, Jesus repeatedly approaches her with compassion, only to be rebuffed by the girl for most of the play. God brings healing to the girl’s heart in ways that often surprise viewers and brings tears in the end.   
There is so much more to read regarding this play at her website:  She does have a download fee, but it is so worth it!  That I remember it after all these years says something about it! If you are working with hurting teens or women, this play can have a healing impact on the viewers.

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More Hints on Signs

Regarding doing skits at your retreat, I’ve said before that I like signs! With minimal scenery and props, a sign can give your audience a wealth of information in a small space.
 While many times we will make our signs by hand, the above are some computer-generated signs created for our recent retreat skit.  I asked Kristen to share some of her “secrets” for sign-making:
To create a sign using Microsoft Publisher, select a custom size blank page and give it the dementions of the foam board you will be attaching it to. Once you have your blank page, then Google to pull up a few websites were you can download free fonts and free backgrounds. I like and
Once you’ve selected your background you can then paste it on the page. Make sure it goes all the way to the edge or a little bit over. Then add a text box with your sign wording. To make your text box transparent (so your background shows through), click Ctrl T when the text box is selected. You can easily move items around on the page by holding down Ctrl and Alt and using the arrow buttons to move the item. This allows you to line up things more precisely.
Now that you are ready to print, make sure your printer is ready. Most printers will automatically divide your sign into several pages (if your sign is larger than a standard sheet of paper). After printing, you will cut off all the white edges.  Then carefully glue or tape each piece to the foam board, taking care to line it up perfectly.  This way it will appear to be one large print!
See some of our other suggestions on making signs here.

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