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What You Can Do with Cardboard

cardboardCardboard can be an amazing resource for women’s ministry, and it is worth finding a few places where you can pick it up cheap, or even better, free.  Cardboard is thrown away daily at big box stores like Costco.  I worked in a showroom which regularly got rid of wonderful large pieces of cardboard.  Cardboard is easy to work with, light-weight, and you don’t feel bad throwing it away when you have used it.

We have all used cardboard for signage.  But consider cardboard for use as backdrops and props for skits. one of our talented prop designers taught me this trick:  use duct tape to finish the edges your cardboard.  Fold it over the edge, and it makes for a finished look and borders the sign, backdrop or prop.  Note the edging on the sign below.


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New Skits

3093229_300If you haven’t been to the website recently, it might be worth your while.  I added three new skits this week.  All three were added as part of the “Confronting Your Giants” skit series.  However, I also listed one of those as a one-act skit.  It is entitled “Good Intentions.”  While it does deal with the “giant” of neglecting prayer and the Word, it is a powerful skit that could pretty much be used any time because it deals with our good intentions to have a daily quiet time, and the excuses we make.  It is a short, powerful skit that can stand alone in just about any setting. Take a look at this skit–you’ll find it here.

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Singing in the Rain


We just held our spring women’s event.  It was a dessert for women, ages 10 and up.  I thought I would share a little bit with you, as the theme, “Singing in the Rain,” was such fun, and would easily work for any event, including a retreat.

It was a theme we had seen somewhere online…we didn’t come up with it all by ourselves.  But what a great theme!  Doesn’t the Bible encourage us to “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice!”?  There are so many potential theme verses, including Habakkuk 3:17-18 which basically says that even if everything is going wrong in our lives, YET we can choose to rejoice in the Lord.

Our schedule included showing a YouTube video of the song as performed by Gene Kelly in the 1952 movie of the same name.  We wrote a short skit for the occasion (check out our new downloadable skit here) and a devotional teaching.

The decorations were such fun. We collected umbrellas and rain boots from our women for use in decorations.  “Raindrops” made of beads and/or tissue paper were hung from the umbrellas. Rain boots were used on the tables with flowers and tissue paper.  Other additions included ribbon preprinted with music on it, as well as musical symbols that you can barely see hanging from the umbrellas. The pictures below give you an idea of what our simple decor looked like; in person, the decor was much more dramatic…Or at least we thought so!






_29B4192      _29B4203

For the final added touch, the Lord brought a light shower that evening, to make certain that we were “singing in the rain.”

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And the Oscar Goes to…

An Oscar awardIf you watched the Oscars this past February, one name that you probably don’t remember is the winner for “Best Production Design.”  This person is behind-the-scenes, but has a key role in visually telling the story.  The job description includes set design, decorating and even some costume design, in addition to supplying all the props.

Why am I bringing this up?  We’re not Hollywood, but even our our small-scale skit at a retreat or women’s event benefits from the skills of a person with the gift of “production design.”  The setting and props, no matter how simple, can go a long way toward getting the message across.  Someone with that gift can read the skit, envision the set and the props needed, and then make it come together.  That’s a gift I don’t have!

Since we have no budget for our skits or props, these ladies not only “see” the setting, but they are able to create the scene by repurposing something from around the house, or by using a little cardboard and paint.  For example, one of our skits required something that would represent jail bars.  So what did our “production designer” come up with?  A child safety gate, propped on a desk.  It got the point across.

If you plan on using skits, pray for a person with this gift to join your team!

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A Favorite

Heart_TransplantWe just added a new skit for free download called “Heart Transplant.”  If you haven’t been to the website itself for a while, we have added several new free downloadable skits and graphics over the summer.  But “Heart Transplant” is actually one of my favorites, and we have used it in many different settings–from our women’s retreat to a youth mission’s trip.  Many of our skits are theme related, and this one was, too–originally.  Our retreat theme was “Hearts Entwined with His” and the graphic for that retreat is also available on the website (under “resources”→”graphics”).  However, this particular skit is something that could be added to any retreat or event.  Its themes of salvation and transformation can be used with any Christian retreat, and applies to any salvation message.  Check it out!  Find it on the home page under “Latest Free Downloads.”

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