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Binding your Retreat Booklet DIY

We like to hand out a retreat booklet to each woman who attends the retreat.  If you are forced to “do it yourself” due to budgetary constraints, the following images show several less expensive ways to “bind” your retreat booklet.

A regular-sized 8-1/2 x 11″ paper can be folded in half and stapled in the middle;






If your church has a binding punch, the plastic binders are relatively inexpensive if you do it yourself;






This is not technically a “binding,” but we have bought inexpensive folders for the contents of our “booklet”and then printed a sticker for the front of the folder;







For another binding idea (normally done at the printer) click here.

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Retreat Booklet

At every retreat, each person in attendance gets a retreat booklet. Some kind of binding is nice, so that we keep everything together in one place. Our retreat booklets usually contain:

  • “What Do I Want from the Lord during this Retreat?
  • Retreat Schedule
  • Map of the venue, if applicable
  • Blank, lined pages for notes
  • Handouts/otes from speaker (if applicable)
  • Quiet time Bible study (related to the retreat theme)
  • Page for retreat reflections
  • Page for list of books being reviewed/recommended (if applicable)  (Check out books we recommend here)
  • Page for new friend contact information
  • Order form for CDs of the retreat sessions



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