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Summer Fun

Are you thinking ahead?

If your women’s ministry is like ours, our regular in-depth women’s Bible studies go on a short hiatus during the summer months.  But we want to have something going on, and it is a great opportunity to include girls (ages 10 and up) as well as teens.  Our fun, four-week summer study is usually well attended, and includes women who normally can’t participate during the school year.

What we have done for the past 10 years or so is to write our own short topical study.  Each lesson has less than 7 questions.  So while there is a little homework, it is not overwhelming.  We then plan 4 evenings in the summer to get together. These are fast-paced evenings.  Teachings are short, and we include ice-breakers/games, fun snacks, a skit (of course!) and then we fill in with what we call “commercials”–five minute topics of interest ranging from Bible facts, health tips, memorizing scripture, local day trips, etc.  The evening is fast-paced and easy for the younger ones with shorter attention spans.

This year our theme is “A Fruitful Garden.” We had gardening decorations, a skits series on gardening, and “commercials” where women shared gardening tips. Last year, since it was Olympics year, our theme was “Go for the Gold.”  Some of the short series skits available on this website for free download were for these summer studies (“If the Shoe Fits” and the “Confronting Your Giants”).  If you are interested, you can check our our Bible study resources at the women’s page at

If you have been hesitant to pursue what it take to do a longer skit at your retreat or event, these “series skits” (a series of skits with a continuing or related storyline) would be a great way to get your feet wet in a more casual and less intimidating setting.

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A New Graphic

One of our favorite retreats was entitled “DISCIPLESHEEP – Putting Off Your Wolf-Like Tendencies.”  The “Mr. Wolf” skits are some of our most memorable.  That is one of the reasons we originally chose that retreat theme to put into book form.

We have now updated the artwork that is included in this book. I think this artwork better illustrates the theme that we are wolves in the process of becoming sheep.  That’s what discipleship is–the process of sanctification as we transform into the image of Christ.  At salvation, we are transformed to “sheep” on the inside, but we begin the process of putting off the old man–our wolf-like tendencies–as we are renewed and transformed into the image of Christ. God is patiently working on us and transforming our character, our speech, our habits and responses.  We are putting off that old man and putting on the new man.

Read more about what this book includes here.

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A Versatile Giveaway

We are always on the lookout for little remembrances or “giveaways” for our women’s events.  I have mentioned before that bookmarks or magnets can sometimes be the easy way to give your women something that will remind them of the message of your event.  This year, at our women’s dessert, we used chalkboards as a decorating theme throughout the venue.  But we found this great “mini” chalkboard stand on which we wrote the theme and theme verse.  We used a permanent chalkboard pen as opposed to real chalk that would easily wipe off.  Aren’t they cute?  And so affordable!  Check out these mini-chalkboard stands! (affiliate link)

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Re-Discovering “Broken Heart”

3d illustration of archive with red folder

You never know what you might find as you go through old files!  This week I did something I have been putting off for months–cleaned out my file cabinet.  I hate to admit it, but I may be a paper hoarder!

I have a file drawer of skits–consisting mostly of those we have written over the years.  But this week I ran into a script for a one-act play called “Broken Heart.”  I first encountered this play in Bible School, over 30 years ago. I have to say that to this day it is one of the most powerful plays I have ever seen. I immediately asked for a copy of the script, which had the author’s name, but no contact or copyright information.  Back in the early 90’s I searched for the author, but my only option was calling information and trying to find a phone number.  But when I saw the script last week in my file, I thought about searching using Facebook, and voila! I sent out a couple inquiries to those with similar names, and within 24 hours I had found the author.

Because I assume that many of you, my regular readers, found this website looking for retreat skits, I wanted to make this resource known to you.  “Broken Heart” is a serious drama, unlike most of the skits found on the www.retreatinabag website.  I have excerpted from the author’s website the following summary:

 Broken Heart is a story about a young girl (representing you and I) growing up with hurts by parents, friends, a boyfriend, and others that continue to tear away at her heart.  The play makes extensive use of unique props to visually communicate our efforts to protect ourselves  from the hurts of life in harmful ways such as through anger, bitterness, busyness,  and more.

A Satan figure fiendishly supplies the young girl with “toys”  to protect her heart. All the while, Jesus repeatedly approaches her with compassion, only to be rebuffed by the girl for most of the play. God brings healing to the girl’s heart in ways that often surprise viewers and brings tears in the end.   
There is so much more to read regarding this play at her website:  She does have a download fee, but it is so worth it!  That I remember it after all these years says something about it! If you are working with hurting teens or women, this play can have a healing impact on the viewers.

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Must-Follow Women’s Ministry Leaders

contributor button must follow wmIf you found, I have to assume you are scouring the internet for women’s ministry resources. If you are like me, you are using Pinterest to find ideas for your women’s events.  I am excited to share with you a new resource for women’s ministry leaders. Ladies from two of my favorite women’s ministry resource websites, Gina Duke/Churchtown Ministries  and Cyndee Ownbey/Women’s Ministry Toolbox  (for more information, see links) have joined forces with others who have a heart to minister to women and to help those who serve women.  They have created a Must-Follow Women’s Ministry Leaders Board on Pinterest. This exclusive collaborative board features pins from a team of women’s ministry leaders that will help you better reach the women in your church and community.  Take a look at it!

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