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Journey’s End

Our women’s retreat 2010 took place about a month ago.  All of the months of planning and preparation culminated in a wonderful weekend of teaching and fellowship.  It is now going to take a while to catch up on posts…those last two weeks before the retreat were busy, and now the holidays are upon us.  Our retreat this year was a special one for Calvary Chapel Plano, as this is our twenty-fifth year (our “silver anniversary”) of doing an annual women’s retreat.  We even had several women in attendance who had been to every one of those 25 retreats.

This year’s retreat theme, “Every Good and Perfect Gift,” was taken from James 1:17.  Our main graphic was a gift, wrapped with a silver ribbon.  Our decorations consisted of many beautifully wrapped gifts.  Even our quiet time revolved around the “gift” theme.

Over the next two months, we will be reviewing the last minute details of planning and preparation for this retreat, as well as sharing lessons that we learned.

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Journey to Retreat 2010 – October

Our October leaders’ meeting took place this week.  We are about 6 weeks out from the retreat.  Registration is in full swing and the excitement is building. Additionally, our fall women’s Bible study has just begun, we have a Christmas dessert in the preliminary planning stages, and the women’s ministry is sponsoring a booth at the church’s annual Hallelujah party on Oct. 31.  So we had a lot to discuss, but our major topic of discussion was the women’s retreat.

  • Registration is going well, and will continue for about 2-1/2 more weeks.
  • We have a new leader in charge of registration at the retreat, and she has been trained.
  • Books for the book table have been ordered, and will hopefully be in the hands of the reviewers in the next week.
  • Skit(s) are being fine-tuned, and final scripts will be ready this week.  Those who have volunteered to help with production (behind the scenes and on stage) will be contacted with times for a read-through and practice.
  • Name tags have been designed.
  • We were hoping to find a suitable charm to use as a remembrance gift.  However, we have run into a snag in that area, and time is getting short.
  • Still in progress:  our schedule and program booklet, the quiet time study, decorations, name tags and remembrance gifts.
  • A work party (for any woman who wants to help) has been schedule for the end of October.  At this work party, we may work on name tags, remembrance gifts, decorations…anything that needs helping hands.
  • A couple of leaders will be going out to the hotel to finalize how/where/when we will be able to set up our sound system, staging, etc.

Since our next meeting is about ten days prior to the retreat, a lot things will have happened before that meeting.

  • Registration will have ended, and the rooming list and BEO’s (Banquet Event Orders) will have been sent to the hotel.
  • Skit practices will have taken place.
  • Book table will be ready.
  • Name tags, booklets and remembrance gifts, if not completed, will be in process.
  • We will be prepared for the Prayer Meeting for the Women’s Retreat on November 7.
  • Items to be taken to the retreat will be accumulating as they are readied.

This is a busy time for all of our women’s leaders, and more than ever we need to cover all that we do with prayer.  We want God to work in the lives of women at our retreat!

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Journey to Retreat 2010 – September

Our September leaders’ meeting has come and gone.  With minor discussion and planning for our new women’s Bible study and an upcoming women’s event, the meeting was primarily focused on the retreat.We got an update from all leaders:

  • Registration:  All registration materials are ready to go, as church registration opened on Sept. 19.  We also had a flyer for the bulletin that day, and an announcement was made.  Registration is staffed, so that there will be people to answer questions and accept registrations and deposits. Although it is too late for this year, we discussed giving some kind of monetary incentive or discount to encourage early registration.
  • Skit:  The skit writing process has begun.  This year, the skit will not be an ongoing, character driven “serial” skit; instead, preliminary drafts include various scenarios of gift giving, possibly written as 15 minute vignettes.
  • Retreat Planning:  The preliminary schedule was handed out and reviewed.  The schedule will be tweaked over the next month, as we finalize skit timing, times when the book table will be open, workshops, etc.
  • Quiet Time:  In process.
  • Book table/book reviews: In process
  • Decorations/Remembrance gifts:  In process;

As registration begins this Sunday, other areas of retreat planning will kick into gear, such as compiling the rooming list.  This retreat marks our 25th year (our silver anniversary) of women’s retreats at Calvary Plano.  We will be acknowledging this at the retreat by having comments and insights by those who have been around those 25 years.

With such a big “to do” list, this is a critical time for prayer.  Everyone who plays a part in putting on the retreat should be seeking the Lord at this time.  It’s easy to get lost in the work (like Martha) but we also need to be sensitive to God’s leading and spend time at His feet (like Mary).  We want to please and bless the ladies who come to the retreat, but most of all, we want to please God!

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Journey to Retreat 2010 – August

Our August leaders’ meeting was held this week.  We are now barely three months away from the retreat, and some of our leaders have already been very busy with preparations.

  • Registration materials have been developed and printed, and registration packets have already been sent out to sister churches.  All registration materials are ready to go, although it will be a month before we start registration at our church.
  • We reviewed the “results” of the retreat planning meeting (which was not well attended), and proposed other ways of presenting the retreat opportunities to our women who may want to serve.  We will be bringing the sign-up sheets for the retreat to the women’s Bible study.  We may also make them available after Sunday service in the Fellowship Hall, and at the Welcome Center when women pick up registration information next month.
  • We will make sure that a flyer insert for the bulletin is created so that it will be ready when registration for the retreat opens in mid-September.  Up to that point, there will just be regular bulletin announcements so that our ladies will be kept informed and can plan ahead.

Besides the leaders involved in very preliminary things like organization, registration and retreat planning, the rest of us are just beginning to get on top of our areas of responsibility.  Skit writing will begin in the next two weeks. Our quiet time activity is being planned.  The schedule is being developed.  Books for book reviews are being determined.  Supplies for decorations are being gathered.  By our September meeting, every area should have progress to report.

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Journey to Retreat 2010 – Retreat Planning Meeting

Our retreat planning meeting took place on August 8, approximately three months prior to the retreat.  As explained in Retreat Planning Meeting, Part 1 and Part 2, we open this meeting to any woman in the church who would like to be involved in some part of retreat planning.  We held the meeting after a Sunday service, to make it as convenient as possible for women to attend.  At this year’s Retreat Planning Meeting, we had twelve sign-up sheets available. Each of these sign-up sheets represent an area where our leaders anticipate that we will need help over the next few months of retreat planning and preparation.  The areas were:  Registration Table at church and Registration at the hotel, Skit, Book Reviews/Book Table, Hospitality Table, Retreat Work Party, Communion, Secret Angels, Decorations, Greeters, Transportation, Clean-Up and Miscellaneous.

Women who did not make the meeting will have the opportunity to sign up either at the women’s Bible study or by calling the leader in charge.  Hopefully, most of the spots will be filled within the next month!

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